Who We Are

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Co-Founders Ian Platt and Sam Flaherty began distilling as a hobby in 2018. Realising their passion and enthusiasm around the science of making alcohol they decided to make their very own Gin. After experimenting with different flavours and botanicals for over a year, they finally found a flavour of Gin that they fell in love with.  Not long after, they moved into their first home together in Rainhill.

A local historic village with plenty of heritage taking you back to 1829 when Rainhill was the venue for the famous locomotive trails that would decide the type of engine which would operate on the new passenger railway. The engines took part and competed for the prize of £500 were Rocket, Novelty, Perseverance, Cycloped and the Sans Pareil. The winner was Stephenson’s Rocket on the 8th October, carrying a 12 tons, 9 cwt and having an average speed of 16 miles per hour. After more research and investigation, it became apparent that there wasn’t a local distillery in the area therefore they decided to open one in Rainhill. Ian and Sam, then had to make the decision on what to name the distillery. After the interesting heritage they had found, they felt it was only natural to link their gin - which would be hand crafted, with the history of the village where it was to be produced - this led them to create the company name N.GIN.